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PostHeaderIcon Sidewalls Explained

Every tyre produced has a set of "instructions" imprinted onto the sidewall. Below will break down what each part means.

Using the above illustration, each part can be described as follows:

Tyre Width: As detailed above as 165, this is the width (fatness) of the tyre in mm (millimeters), the larger the number the wider the tyre.

Tyre Profile: As detailed above as 65, this is a percentage of the 'Tyre Width', for example, 65% of 165 = 107mm. The smaller this number the thinner the tyre is in comparison to the width.

Radial Construction: As detailed above as 'R'

Tyre Diameter: As detailed above as 14, this is the diameter of the tyres inner ring in inches. This number also directly relates to the size of the wheels either alloy or steel (width permitting).

Load Capacity: As detailed above as 79. This relates to the maximum weight that the tyre can safely hold. See Load Capacity table.

Speed Rating: As detailed above as T. This is the maximum speed (at full load) the tyre has been scientifically tested at and passed safely. See Speed Rating table.

ECE Mark: As detailed above as as E4 is the proof of compliance and each E mark relates to a country within the EU. E4 relates to the stamp being produced in Netherlands.