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The pads are a medal backed pad with a friction material that is pushed by the brake caliper onto the cast iron disc. The brake pad is used to convert kinetic energy (energy created using motion) to thermal energy (heat caused by friction). There are two pads contained in each caliper which connects to both sides of the disc. Although most manufacturers guard the formula's to the construct of there pads, some have been know to be made from copper, brass and steel wool shaving held together in a resin.

At MGM, we can provide original manufacturer parts to maintain your warranty or a cost saving alternative specific to your car.


As heat is an important part of braking, many performance brakes help to displace and expel heat to help prevent frictional brake fade and disks from warping. It is advisable that when using performance aftermarket brakes that the disk and pads are bought from the same manufacturer to ensure consistency and optimal performance.