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Most modern cars have a 'Rack & Pinion' steering system. When the steering wheel is rotated, it turns a pinion gear. The pinion is connected to the rack using a series of interlocking teeth, this in turn converts the rotational motion to a directional motion. With the movement of the rack, this pushes and pulls the tie rods and directly turns the wheels.

Power Steering

Based on the Rack & Pinion system, the power steering system uses fluid and pistons to actuate the rack movement and assists in easier control of steering.

Problems Occur

With the steering being not only an important part but an excessively used part of car ownership, it's bound to occur wear through time, some teeth could break or grind down. The power steering fluid could leak or fail. We can overhaul all steering (including power steering), check and replace any parts or easily top of the power steering fluid.