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PostHeaderIcon Handbrake System

The main purpose of the handbrake is to hold the car stationary usually used when the car has stopped on an incline. In addition, the DSA insists that if you are stuck in non moving traffic, example, traffic lights just went to red or waiting for someone to cross the road then the handbrake must be applied to avoid any unplanned movement.

The handbrake works by running a cable from the handbrake level directly to the brake mechanism on the rear drum or disc. As the handbrake is applied, an intermediate lever increases the force of the pull followed by an equiliser when splits the force evenly between each brake.

Disc Brakes

An additional lever and corkscrew is added, when the handbrake is pulled, the lever forces the corkscrew against the piston.

Drum Brakes

The cable runs directly to a lever on the brake shoes and when applied locks the pads to the drum.

Common Problems

The most common problem is wear and stretch on the brake cable, this leads to more travel on the handbrake lever. The more wear will result in a complete failure of the handbrake to engage. At MGM we can adjust or replace the cable.